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Gestan's Wiki.

This wiki is the user manual for Gestan, business management software.

The functions of Gestan are discussed in the general presentation page, and you can find many additional information on our Youtube channel.

In addition to this manual, the Gestan's forum gather more than 6000 users.

All new releases are posted on our twitter account, and detailed on the change-list published on the forum. Finally, additional information is published on our accounts Linkedin and Facebook. Follow us !

Good use of Gestan !


Risk assessment for Gestan Cloud related to the war in Ukraine: see this page.


Update from versions 15.28.02 and earlier (Note dated 01/09/2021).

Between version 15.28.02 of Gestan and the following versions, we have changed host, which has the effect of making it impossible to update Gestan automatically. Also, if you still have a Gestan 15.28.02 or earlier, download the installer directly from Thank you for your understanding.

TIP You can subscribe to all or part of this wiki, using the buttons on the right side. Thus, you can receive an automatic notification with each modification.

TIP The release of any new version is announced via @Gestan_logiciel, with a link to the change list of the version.

TIP In some cases (blocking bug, specific need), we can provide Gestan intermediate versions.

(By the way, we thank the whole team of Dokuwiki, open-source free software, and without database, which allows to publish this wiki. A must.)

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