Quick start

Have you just installed Gestan on your PC? You made a good choice!

Normally, in 15 minutes, you edit your first invoice. Let's go ?!?

To help you get started quickly, this page presents the usual settings when starting a new Gestan.

Follow the leader !

The startup wizard has asked you for some basic information about your business, let's fine-tune the basic setup a bit.

This tab describes the main characteristics of your company.

Identity sub-tab

Start by checking the classic headings, company name, address, telephone, etc.

Then :

  • Enter your APE code 1, for example 6201Z
  • Fill in your corporate form 2, for example SARL with a capital of 7500 euros
  • Click on the magic wand 3 to automatically fill in the wording that will be printed at the bottom of the documents that you edit with Gestan (list of customers, list of invoices, etc.). You can modify it to your liking.

In the date of the first fiscal year 1, take the date of the first full fiscal year: for example, if you started your fiscal year on May 15, 2018, and you close on December 31, enter 01/01 /2018 (instead of 05/152018).

  • Fill in your RCS 2, for example Paris B 448 677 040
  • Fill in your SIRET 3, for example 448 677 040 00013

TIP More details on this tab: this page.

Contacts are all the people you deal with: customers, prospects, partners, service providers, but also simple relationships.

  • Choose the type of 1 data you want to manage. Choose Pro if you only want to manage your contacts' pro addresses, or both if you also want to manage their personal details.
  • Check the 2 box if you want to manage billing and delivery addresses that may be different from professional or personal addresses.

TIP More contact details : this page

The parts are:

  • on the customer side: quotes, orders, invoices, credit notes, and delivery notes
  • on the supplier side: price requests, orders, invoices, credit notes, and receipt slips

  • Click on the magic wand 1 to supply the wording to appear at the bottom of your quotes, invoices, and other documents. You can modify it as you wish.

TIP Mode details : this page

Products are the commodities that you sell (and also those that you buy).

  • Choose 1 if you mainly use prices excluding VAT (BtoB) or including VAT (BtoC), or both
  • If necessary, specify your stock management options 2
  • If you have a lot of products, check the 3 box to manage them in families and sub-family (instead of family only).

TIP More details: this page

This is the computer you are currently using.

  • Specify the SMTP server 1 that you will use to send emails via Gestan, such as when you send an invoice by email to a customer. Use the SMTP linked to your domain name (eg, consult your host), or that of your ISP (eg for a livebox or for a freebox, consult your ISP).

TIP More info about SMTP : cette page.

TIP More info about “Computer” settings : this page.

Via Tools → Accounting settings → Bank accounts, open the list of bank accounts that you will use for your business.

Open the “Pro account” form that was created by the start-up wizard with default data.

  • Indicate an easy to understand title 1, here “Bank pro”
  • Indicate the IBAN 2
  • Indicate the BIC 3

You can declare others if you have more than one.

TIP More informations : this page.

Via the menu Products → List of products, open the list of products, in which you will register the foodstuffs that you usually sell (or buy) (it is not compulsory to register all the products that you buy or sell), click the New button.

  • Indicate a code and a clear name 1 for your product
  • Indicate a buy and sell unit 2. Right-click to register new units.
  • Indicate a purchase price 4 if you know it (it allows you to calculate your margin)
  • Indicate a sale price 3

* You can optionally add a photo 1 of your product

* Optionally write a long description of your product1. This description will be used in the quote and invoice lines.

Then confirm with the OK button.

TIP More informations : this page.

Using the Contact button, open the contact list.

There is already a contact saved in the database, it's you!

Let's register our first client. To do this, click on the New button in the contact list.

  • Enter their first and last name 1
  • then the name of his company 2 (right click if you want to save the company)
  • then his address 3
  • then the postal code and the city 4 (right click to display the list of postal codes)
  • then his website if he has one 5
  • then his email address 6
  • Write down his telephone number, possibly several 7
  • Specify that this is a 8 customer
  • If you want to participate in mass surveillance, enter your VAT number 9

TIP More informations : this page.

There you are, you are ready to register your first invoice, by clicking on the Invoice button.

The invoice form will allow you to very easily create your first invoice:

  • click on the magnifying glass 1 to select your client
  • click on the + 2 button to add an article
  • possibly modify the quantities or the prices, directly in the table 3
  • optionally, enter a nature of invoice 4 to help you classify them.

By clicking on Validate, you will have created your first invoice with Gestan!

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