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Receipt slip

The receipt vouchers are the documents that you give to the deliveryman, or that you send to the supplier, to acknowledge receipt, or not, of the goods you ordered from him.

The receipt can be signed electronically by the receptionist and/or the delivery person.

The list screen displays the receipts issued during the fiscal year.

The button Generate Generates a supplier invoice from the current receipt.

The card screen contains the following data:

  • The nature of the receipt. This is the general nature of the good, for example “kitchen utensils”
  • The Supplier which the delivery comes from. The supplier selection combo displays the contacts for which a voucher has been issued for less than a year. You can choose any other contact using the selection button next to the combo. This is business address data that is displayed (as opposed to billing address and delivery address).
  • If the case ongoing is checked, the RS is being drafted, its entry is not complete.
  • If the case transmitted is checked, the RS has been sent to the supplier by mail, mail, or any other means. If this box is checked, the voucher can no longer be modified, just uncheck the box to make it again.
  • The various dates concerning the voucher: the date Voucher, the date of receipt expected of the goods, the date of reception real.

  • tab details Note information about the AR.

  • Tab Notes Note any other useful information.

  • Tab Signatures allows the receptionist and delivery person to sign the RS.

Deleting a voucher is possible for all users (as opposed to deleting invoices, reserved for Gestan users with administrator rights).

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