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Calculation of VAT

This screen uses accounting data to calculate VAT.

Acces : Accounting → Accounting documents → VAT

The button Generate triggers the VAT calculation for the specified date range.

The details of VAT are presented in the table on the left, while the cumulations that will be used for the declaration are presented in the table on the left.

The Abnormal Motion table displays all entries that are not in scope or not justified.

After the VAT calculation, the VAT order for the month is calculated and stored in the VAT order file: this is the amount of VAT (creditor or debtor), taking into account the VAT balance (creditor or debtor) for the previous month. The previous month’s VAT balance is displayed in the 1 box. You can modify it, depending on the accounting data, and store it in the

The button Print Generates the detailed statement of the entries taken into account for the calculation of VAT as well as form CA3 (France).

TIP Printing this form is prohibited if all entries are not saved (bank reconciliation must have been completed). If all seats are not justified, you should not print a form: indeed, the calculation of VAT will be done despite the absence of supporting documents.

The button Close Blocks the month in question: if the month is blocked, it will no longer be possible to make accounting changes that would affect it from an accounting point of view.

The button Print Print the detailed VAT extract.

The totals of VAT due (gross VAT) are totalled according to the VAT rates of the entries, the deductible VAT totals are broken down into fixed assets and services according to the imputations of the purchase entries.

The previous VAT deferral is read in the VAT order file.

Depending on the VAT options, the account statement is different:

  • in VAT on collection, all business seats credited to the accounts are kept on the sales side, and all business seats charged to the accounts on the purchases side
  • in VAT on debits, we have on the sales side a list of the amounts of all unpaid customer invoices for the date interval, plus the list of professional entries in favour of accounts not linked to invoices, and on the purchasing side all the professional seats in the accounts

Example of a VAT declaration for the preparation of the CA3

the button Print Print the VAT form N°3310-CA3-SD valid for france (CERFA N°10963*25).

Prerequisites: Create an account for recoverable VAT and VAT collected for each type of VAT you use (both for purchase and sale), as shown below.

Here is an example of CA3 status.

WARNING In this version of Gestan, table A is filled in minimalistically (which does not call into question the most important, the amounts of VAT to be paid or recovered). For Frame A:

  • all sales are grouped in case 01,
  • all purchases in box 03 (without distinction of purchases of goods and services, without separation of purchases outside the


  • Tax exempt transactions have not yet been calculated

The button Gen. VO Automatically generates the corresponding VAT of VO.

The difference between the rounded amount of VAT reported in the CA3 is reported in the account of other current management losses or profits.

INFO This page is a translation of the Calcul de la TVA, written in French. You can help improve it by registering with the documentation service.

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